20 something poster child

I always thought being twenty something would be the easiest time in all my life. I would have the best body, be independent, and be able to do whatever I wanted to do. Then I turned twenty and realised I was not sure what I was meant to be doing. My late teenage years were pretty much set, go to school and work towards getting a stable job and the rest, just google.

So in trying to find the poster child for the twenties, a few caught my attention. The young newly married girl that has incredible style and can make any activity look enjoyable, or the young professional that makes much more money than her peers and makes being single look so amazing, or the carefree artist who just loves life and has everything in check. In all these moulds of 20 something year old women, they all seemed to have it all together.

Realising I do not fit into any of these moulds, or have it all together, I wondered where the “middle ground” lies. I mean I should be having it all together or at least feel like am close to fitting into these moulds. Or are these descriptions meant for the 30 something poster child.

Then I realised that since there is no standard world view of the of the 20 something poster child, my life is made easy. I just have to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride, because before I know it, the title of this blog will be about being  30 something.



3 thoughts on “20 something poster child

  1. We are all thinking it at some point but sadly many use others as their yard stick to determine their level of ‘success’. Live and left live, run your own race, determine your own success. Whether you are in your twenties or approaching your thirties the foundation of true self acceptance is to be you and those you honestly appreciate you will accept that.

  2. We are all unique and shouldn’t strive to fit into a certain mould or set of people. Finding oneself lies in the adventure of life and that’s how you build your own radically distinct mould that you mind find fascinates people and gives a new outlook towards life….your very own poster child 🙂

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