The Hype Man

When I decided to write this blog, I thought of the best way of making sure that it didn’t sound like a hypocrite, or offend anyone. But I wrote what I thought anyway.

A Hype man…when googled, is defined as, in hip hop music and rapping, a backup rapper and/or singer who supports the primary rappers with exclamations and interjections, and who attempts to increase the audience’s excitement with call-and-response chants.

So a lot of us see greatness around all the time, especially with social media, and we go on to talk about how great people are doing and how amazing their lives are, and how ingenious their ideas are. We are also so surrounded with greatness, I think, because people talk more about their lives and what they doing. I mean you could go from meeting the Obamas, seeing what Oprah is cooking tonight on Instagram, to reading about what new project people are involved in on twitter.

But then I wondered if within all this sharing and talking, there is a group of people that have just become hype men. I mean don’t get me wrong, being complimentary and being able to see and announce greatness in another person is great. I just wonder if some of us get so caught up in it, we forget to think and do for ourselves because we are so busy liking Facebook pages. The amount of time spent on social media, or on just talking about other people, could produce an A student, or a brilliant entrepreneur, or a great artist, mainly because they took the time out to think…

I mean yes I will big up, talk about, repost and like anyone’s work that is inspirational to me or just because I like it but lately, maybe its just me, I just wonder if I am spending more time thinking of how to do better for myself, or I am just wasting away observing what everyone else is doing.

So if you are reading this short post, short because I have some thinking to do :), and before you take the times to figure out how to like my page or leave a comment, think of whether you are spending as much time doing something else that will be better for you than you are here, after all it only takes one thought to become brilliant, but you have to kind of take the time out to do that.

P.S. comments and likes will NOT be taken negatively. 🙂

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