About Me

Hi, I’m Mahashane. Welcome to my blog.

I started this blog because I felt guilty about being an awesome mom and having an awesome career, and often failing to balance it all.
This is my journal on how I navigate both worlds while living in modern day South Africa.

I share tips and experiences on the blog about my parenting, career and travel into Africa and beyond. and I do so candidly and authentically.

If you are new to my little community, welcome. If coming back, thank you. I hope you find some practical inspiration and glimpses of joy as you read this blog.

I would love to connect with you on Instagram and Facebook.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Moshahashane, my name is Seipati. I’m a single mother of a princess named Kamano. She’s 2 years cute and she’s just amazing!
    I’m 25 years and I just started reading your blog. I’m very inspired and motivated to be a career woman myself. Being a strong woman is very important to me because I want nothing more than to inspire my daughter. I enjoy reading about your journey and I look forward to more.

    Love and Light

    1. Hi Seipati,

      Thank you so much for reading the blog. I am so glad you found this platform and even more pleased that it’s adding value. Your daughter is so blessed to have a mom who wants to inspire her by being a powerhouse. That alone makes you amazing.

      Sending you and your little angel positivity and great happiness.

      I hope to keep putting out blog posts that inspire you.


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