Parental Guilt

My husband and I are raising a beautiful little boy, who will be two in a couple of months. As a young working mom who travels often, tries to maintain some sort of social life, and a wife, I do not get to spend time with my son as much as I would like. For me, this means I often have to deal with parental guilt and anxiety.

My guilt and anxiety usually kicks in when I am travelling, in the car on the way to work, or even at date night with the husband. The feelings also kick in when I do not get the time to read to him as often as I would like, when I miss bath time or a swimming lesson or fail to complete an activity as planned. The little voice inside me often tries to find ways in which I could have had my son with me, regardless of how impractical the situation is.

To ensure that I do not allow my anxiety and guilt to affect my son, my marriage and to stay positive to allow great parenting, I have had to find ways to deal with these feelings as positively as possible. This meant I had to be realistic that I will not always tick every item on the activities list, will have to be away from him and then accept that this is perfectly fine. Being a task master, this was not easy to accept.
I have had to find ways to deal with these feelings as positively as possible.
I also realised that my son really just wants to spend meaningful time with his mom, he does not really care where or when this happens. So, I made the decision to just embrace the emotions that come with parental guilt and simply use these as a drive to spend uninterrupted, switched on meaningful time with him. This means that all phones will be off or go unanswered, the television is off and most of our activities will be outdoors. I must say, I am yet to perfect this, but I am getting there and I truly believe that if the intention is there, I will get it right.
In the meantime, I will embrace the guilt and anxiety, and look forward to the giggles and kisses of time spent with my little boy.
Closing off with a quote “Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Career Mom

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