How my career is affecting my parenting

After the holiday season, I returned to work this week and I could not help but reflect on how different I am when I am working.

After some reflection, I realised that I am a much better mother when I work. This is not something I thought I would say, partly because of my feelings of guilt I had when I was away from home and my thinking that the way to fix this would be to be home more. I now realise that this is not practical at the moment, and I now accept that I am the busy, sometimes frazzled working mom, and this is perfectly fine.

I also must confess that I tend to sometimes enjoy being busy. It is my normal, and I thrive within it, I am calmer, more focused and organised, better at planning and prioritizing.

During last week, I have loved my busy week filled with planning the family’s weekly activities, and travel schedule; and strategizing on our focus for the year. I have loved the evenings of reading, play time and activities with my son, date night with my husband, my me time in the car to work and reading after work, and returning to work.

I now accept that it is so ok to not be a picture perfect mother, especially society’s perfect. My perfect at this point, is a busy working mom, trying to find my own balance, and striving finds time for all the activities and people in my life, prioritising what I find to be important, and thoroughly enjoying every moment along the way.

Accepting this has changed how I feel about parental guilt, and has made me a better mom, this week at least.

So, as I write this blog at the end of my week, whilst everyone is asleep, with excitement for the week ahead, I truly hope that you find your perfect and are brave enough to accept and share, it is after all your truth.

Career Mom

2 thoughts on “How my career is affecting my parenting

  1. I think you’re not the only one. I also think work keeps me busy and distracted, if I sit at home doing nothing I tend to be depressed and that’s not good for anyone, least of all my child.

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