California Dreaming

Excursion around Rodeo Drive

Surrounded by beautiful mountains, beaches and Hollywood stars, Los Angeles, California really is a dream.

Given an opportunity to stay there for 2 weeks, I couldn’t help but want to know more of this sought after city that boasts areas such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica, Malibu, and the many studios that are at every corner of Los Angeles. These very same studios have solidified the image of California and the American Dream through movies and tv.

There is no question though that Latino culture is clearly dominant in Los Angels, with almost half of its population being Latino. This is no surprise given that it once was part of Mexico and before that was “founded” by the Spanish, when the native Americans lived there.

Outer Los Angeles also has neighborhoods such as Leimert Park, a booming historically African American area, and artistic Claremont. All so different, but equally charming.

Creative space in Leimert Park

The one thing that Americans are, is patriotic. This is the first country I’ve been to where I’ve seen a flag ever second block, outside houses, commercial building and cars.

Hollywood Boulevard

But for me, the biggest lesson, is the confidence Americans have. The American Dream is not something they sell to outsiders, they actually believe it. We all could learn from that. To confidently believe that work hard naturally equals success.

Popular Farmers Market

As one business man we met in California who runs a business worth almost half a billion US dollars said, “you have to be deliberate about your goals, and then you must show up and show out”.

So as you read this and introspect, imagine the American confidence you’ve seen on screens and heard about, and then emulate use it to push you towards your goals.

See a short clip on some moments in L.A.

P.s. check out my instagram for more pictures of my trip.



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