How to get your dream job – tips you haven’t heard

In this struggling economy it’s getting harder to get the job of your dreams, but there are some seasoned tips that could assist you to get close:

1. Figure out what it is and where it is

It is not enough to dream about and wish you could work in a certain field, you need to find out which companies have these roles. I recommend a list of at least 20 companies that could be of interest and that you will target. It seems like a lot, but reality is you might not be successful with all of them.

2. Update your social media

I mean all of it. When companies look for candidates they often do research online. This means that your LinkedIn profile must have the latest picture, be detailed enough to show your work experience and educational background. It is also important to list the interests you have on LinkedIn. All other socials must also be updated, so that means all those Instagram pics of party days must be revisited, especially when going into a professional field. I also recommend getting at least one previous manager or mentor to make a recommendation on LinkedIn.

3. Modernize and customize your CV

Honestly, the old school type CV’s don’t cut it anymore. You need to ensure that you use one that is professional as well as shows the essence of who you are. Go online and search free CV templates, there are a few great options. Some found in the office site. Just remember to tailor the CV to the role you want and want is required for that role.

4. Go on practice interviews

Now that you know you’re role and where it is. Apply for some jobs you might not be interested in simply to practice interview skills. Interviews are tricky and if you haven’t done any in a while, it’s worth going to some to sharpen up you’re skills for the dream role. It will also help you be more yourself and relaxed in interviews, which is a win. The internet has great practice questions, see some at the Robert Walters Site.

5. Do not wait for an advert

I cannot say this enough, some jobs are not advertised. Some are but you might miss them. Contact the companies on your list and inquire about the role. Ask to speak to HR to discuss the culture of the company, reach out to someone who works at the company to find out more about the company, (LinkedIn is great for this). It is also worth contacting recruiters to get insights. I am loving talent connect at the moment.

6. Find gaps and self develop

I love this new world where you can study for free online. If you find that there are areas that you need to develop to get the role, sometimes you don’t need a degree, you just need the knowledge. Coursera is an amazing platform for free courses.

7. Work at it, don’t loose hope

It might take sometime to get to where you want to be, but if you keep at it, you’ll get there.

Let me know if these help or if you need more information.


Career Mom

3 thoughts on “How to get your dream job – tips you haven’t heard

  1. You nailed this, as an HR professional I couldnt agree more on these points. Linkedin is one of the best tools on the market, and now they have Linkedin Learning and all the courses you complete get added to your profile. I also love your point about practice interviews, people often get discouraged when they dont land a role and fail to see the oportunity to learn and do better next time.

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