Feature Post: How to love your job

Living my truth has allowed me to find my passion and I now have a job that allows me to live it.

I am Nxalati Baloyi, an economist by profession but an explorer by passion. Born in a small town in Giyani, Limpopo. I lived my hound years as a lover of geography and the news. Let’s just say, you could’ve described me as a bit of a nerd. It was then no surprise that I enrolled for an Economics degree in University and later completed a master’s Degree in Development Finance.

Currently working for the South African Government helping find and focus on initiatives to grow infrastructure in certain sectors, I have found fulfillment in my job because I love what I do, but also, it fulfills my passion. The greatest part of my job is that I also have the pleasure of visiting exotic countries I could not imagine I would.

Me in Senegal

My favourite country I have visited has to be Senegal because of its rich and diverse culture. Known as the “Getaway to West Africa” this past French colony has a rich history. Senegalese people speak over 39 languages and over 95% of them are part of the Muslin faith.

Colourful public transportation in Senegal

The best part about my travels is obviously the food and Senegalese cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in West Africa. It gains its influences from France, Portugal and the Middle East. Fish naturally takes centre stage in Senegalese cuisine due to the country’s close proximity to the sea. Meat on the other hand, is not so commonly featured, however, most families own goats in their private yards for traditional purposes.

Market visits

The climate of Senegal is tropical, with a long dry season and a rainy season. The best time to travel to Senegal is between November and March when the weather is cooler and drier than other times of the year. As a buzzing tourist country, Dakar has infinite activities and experiences to explore. When there try Gorée Island, Lac Rose, Les Almadies, Île de Madeleine and Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine.

A colourful beach in Senegal

I have also been able to travel to other amazing places such as Cuba, Cameroon, Angola, Kenya and many more. The best part of my travels is meeting amazing people and trying different cuisines.

Thanks to what I do for a living on a daily basis, I am able to fuel my passion for travel. What could be better than that.


Nxalati Baloyi

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