Affordable family holiday activities

After my small feature in Bona Mag on fun things to do with your small children during the holidays, I am sharing more ideas on affordable things to do over the holidays. I have a toddler so I need to keep him busy, else he gets extremely bored and cranky. So whether you have Aunty duties, or being full time Mommy these holiday, here are some of my tips:

1. Painting Boxes

A friend of mine gave me this idea and it’s a great one. Buy affordable paint from an online store, I like Takealot because of the quick service. Don’t forget to buy brushes or even better, if you have old spare paint brushes use those. Just remember to clean them. Put your child in old clothes and let them paint the very same box the paint arrived in, or any boxes around the house. This should get you going for a few hours. If you’re willing to spend a bit, art jamming in Gauteng is a great place to take children.

Art Jamming

2. Picnic

I know a lot of families do this often and it’s common, but planning a picnic for can be stressful, especially with more than one child. So why not then have a picnic in your back yard, or in the lounge. Helps to get some bonding time away from screens and have hilarious chats with your little one(s).

Home picnic

3. Local Pool

This is a great opportunity to get to teach your kids to be water safe if they aren’t already. Just ensure to supervise at all times and put on sunscreen. Even better, get in the water with them.

4. The Park

This is another free activity. Find a local park and go for a couple of hours. I like to go just before sunset so it’s not too hot outside. I pack some water, sit and let my little one run around.

The holidays are a great time to bond, and get to know each other as a family. Although it can be challenging for parents, aunts and caregivers to find things to do each day, the most important thing is being together and creating great memories.a


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