Today, I hate being a working career mom

I woke up this morning, from a tough night, with significant lack of sleep, sickness and still a long list that is getting longer by the hour waiting for me to action, and just then I hated being a working career mom.

I can tell you that usually I feel accomplished like in that picture above, working makes me a better person, I love having my own success, but my goodness it is hard sometimes. Being effective, wanting to do more, wanting to strive and always working towards my own career goals and then having everything else to do at home and being a mom, is hard.

Today I just want to not have work ahead of me, I want to just recover, I want to just relax. Today I just want to be a mom who sits in her PJ’s and giggles with her son, a wife who waits for her husband to come home and share about his slaying of dragon stories, I just want to be at home.

Yes, I have great moments being a working mom, I wrote a while ago about How my career is affecting my parenting in a positive way. But today I certainly do not want to be a go getter, to be driven. Today I am honest in saying that I have these difficult moments, days, sometimes weeks. Thankfully not too often, but they are real and are there. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, well that’s what I keep telling myself.

But today all I wanted to share was that some days are much harder than others, and most days are never balanced, and occasionally, I get a perfectly balanced day, which today is not.


Career Mom

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