Raising a kind child

Sometime this month, at bedtime, I asked my little boy if we should pray as we usually do. To my surprise, he blushed and said, “Mama, can I pray?”. Now he’s three years old, so my initial thought was, well how will you do that? Then I got curious, so I said, “Sure baby, go ahead”…

See our prayer every evening is a simple thank you, for people in our lives and grace, health and love. I started doing this because I wanted him to start learning that the things and people we have around us are a great privilege and we should always be grateful.

What I didn’t realize is that this has been framing my child’s thinking more than I thought, and especially his behaviour with others. As a mom, you think your child is amazing for just breathing, so I did not want to over state his behavior. But when a mom approached me after his 3rd birthday party and said she was amazed by his kindness, his willingness to share and his ability to care for others, I was so proud of him. They say kids usually emulate what we do. So I ensure to be kind, even when no one is looking. I try to use kind words, I say thank you and please a lot, whether at the grocery store, or if my husband gets me water…

So that night, during prayer, I listened intently and silently in tears in the dark, as my three year old prayed for Mommy, and Daddy, and Einstein… and I said my own prayer, to say thank you for this little person in my life. In that moment, I also felt unworthy of his pureness, but so grateful for him being mine to raise.

I always say that being a mom has been and is magical and that night I was also so grateful my son chose me to be his parent, because his existence and way of being has driven me to be a much better person.

Is that how you feel?


Career Mom

2 thoughts on “Raising a kind child

  1. Well done mommy for raising such an awesome young man. He surely doest take after you. Your boy reminds me of my 5 year ild, at every shopping center when he gets off the car the first thing he does is say “hello mr Guard how are you”. My heart always melts at the smile of mr guard and realise that my boy has made this guy’s day. Lets keep raising them to be #ThoseGuys

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