Loosing weight, the heaviest I have ever been

After a long while of being a student, I recently realised that I had gained close to 10 kg and the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I did loose my baby weight but clearly haven’t kept it off.

A recent picture of me

Like the planner I am, I made plans to lose weight and get my groove back. The first week I thought, ok, back to the gym, detox diet, calories tracking and lemon infused water. You know the drill. I mean I’ve lost weight before, so I thought this should be breezy. But goodness me I was so unhappy. I was not functioning well, I was grumpy, I hated exercise and just generally not committed.

I wanted to be a beach babe and mom slaying on all fronts of life. Then, one late afternoon something clicked when I was trying to come up with a meal for the family and a detox plan for me, that I have so much to be grateful for. I realised that my body has served me so well the past couple of years, with me juggling so many roles. Right then, I stopped, took a breath, then enjoyed garlic potatoes and steak with the family.

So for now, I am forgetting about summer bodies and will allow myself to enjoy my life which I plan to be filled laughter, love, amazing food and wine, and a great time with my people.

As long as I am healthy, I am happy to keep eating as I want, using all the time I have to enjoy my new found freedom.

When getting fit becomes enjoyable again, I will revisit. For now, I shall enjoy my piece of cake.

I just now need to figure out how to dress this new curvy body.



One thought on “Loosing weight, the heaviest I have ever been

  1. Great epiphany. Just don’t overdo the cake, Gaining weight after having a child is so easy, easier than eating the food actually.

    I love your positive self image. But you were a skinny one growing up so i cannot imagine it being a problem to lose the weight once you are ready.

    Happy eating and wining! lol.

    Say Hi to Lenny, miss you guys!

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