Career and social media

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. This means that women and professionals like me, can share about their life experiences on social media and the internet, and also have professional careers.

This concept, I realise is hard for some corporates, the idea of these people who talk about their lives and post about themselves to the public. “How do these people become CEO’s”…Especially when they do not post and advance intellectual topics online. I have even heard people say it’s better to hire someone who is not on social media and is very private. But the reality is we live in the digital world and the world is changing.

So I have have some rules I try to live by to balance these two worlds of boardrooms and timeliness.

1. Be respectful

It’s important in all interactions online to be respectful and responsible. Do not let hiding behind a screen make you a monster. The people are watching. We’ve heard of careers being destroyed by social media, so keep that in mind.

2. Declare

If you’re making additional income via social media or plan to, it’s important to declare this to your employer. Even if it is to ensure that they are aware of this other life you have and that this does not impact your work. Also to ensure that it’s clear that you do not use company time to advance your online existence.

3. Be yourself and network

Social media can actually open up doors and help you find peers, mentors and partnerships. I have met some amazing women online who have become mentors and people I seek counsel with. Ensure to be yourself so people get a real sense of who you are and maybe connect to your story. If you are taking the risk of being so open, might as well really use it to your benefit.

I realise that some of the careers or combination of careers that we want to have are not yet out there. But as the world evolves, I hope my tips help you to keep both your hard earned career and your fulfilling social media lifestyle in tact.


Career Mom

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