Our toddler moving to his room, tips and pics

Our little baby is so growing up. He’s 3. This entire time he’s slept in our room in a cot.

It’s been ok for us, we loved having him in our room. We found a way to make co-sleeping work. But it was time to move him. So the journey has started, big boy is moving to his own room.

To get this going, I got him excited, and for months I introduced this concept of his own space. We spoke about how I wasn’t far away and he could call for me or his Dad when he needed us. I also installed a monitor in case he did need us. We then worked together with him to explore what his room could look like.

Then I would often explain that I would keep the lights on, when he constantly asked me to never switch them off once he moves. I also tried to create a great space that he would love and enjoy.

Some Decor in the room

Once the room was done we started spending a lot of time in his room during the day, reading, and playing.

The first night arrived. He seemed ok with it, although he wanted Mommy to sleep with him in his room. Needless to say, the first night was not a huge success. He woke up a couple of times in distress, but he at least stayed in his bed.

He wanted dinosaurs, so we made a plan
Some of the personal touches in his room

He’s better now. He enjoys the lovely lights, touches of his dinosaurs and his books and his own space.

I can say that my greatest tip is, if you’re doing the same, be consistent, no matter how hard it gets. Once you’ve taken the step to have your child sleep in their room, you need to give them time to adjust, and this can take a while.

Good luck!



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