Dealing with Rejection

There’s nothing worse than trying to get something, thinking you’re capable and worthy of achieving it, and then the answer you get is not what you wanted.

One of the biggest lessons for me as an adult is that rejection happens often and in careers, more than you expect. It ranges from not getting the job you wanted, a promotion, or being picked up as “talent” in your organization. It can even be as simple as being recognised for the work you do. Rejection can then lead you to stop trying or taking risks, if not careful to be complaisant.

I have now realised that it’s not about trying to avoid rejection, but more about how you deal with it. I have some lessons that I hope will help you.

Use it

As hard as it can be, in every situation where I feel rejected, I do try to use that as fuel for me to work harder. Once I’ve recovered from the feeling that comes with being rejected, and I try to do so quickly, I find ways to use the feelings of embarrassment, failure, disappointment and maybe even anger, to fuel my drive.

Seek feedback

I know it’s not always possible, but where I can, I try always seek feedback. It helps to know what I could do differently. This can also help with not overthinking the reasons why you didn’t get what you were seeking.

Move on and stay positive

The hardest part for me though is moving on. It’s difficult to let go when you thought, dreamt, imagined how things would work out, how you would feel…But we have to move on and hope that we will get better opportunities to try again. So, with my big girl panties on, I force myself to think forward and get into a space of positivity. I literally tell myself positive things about myself, even when at the time I do not believe it.

I always say there is enough light for all of us to shine, at the same time. So even if you feel some form of rejection in any way, life, love or career, speak into existence your greatness. It will come.


Career Mom

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