Career Personal Branding

Personal branding is often thought as something for the rich and famous. I mean why bother with a brand when only a few hundred people are watching? But the truth is there is real value with creating your own brand, especially in your career.

There are some points to consider, although many, I’ll try to keep to only a few. I’ll do a lot more content on Instagram and Facebook alike as time goes, on appearance and self-care tips as part of your personal branding journey.

1. Identify your idea of the personal brand

To start, one must think of whatever they want to be and what that person looks like, sounds like and acts. Search for other figures that you feel represent what you want to be. Once that’s done, identity what key elements you like and then make that fit your own picture.

2. What do you stand for – values

In finding your own picture though, you need to know you’re values and passion. The reason I find this important is that we are all unique and have some difference in us. It’s that uniqueness that then colours your personal brand in a way another person cannot duplicate. You can work as hard as you want, but if there nothing unique about you, I tend to find, you’ll be stuck in your little worker bee corner for a while.

Once find your “that thing”, now you can start finding ways to communicate in the way that best sets the scene for your brand.

I should say even if you are not sure about this, identify your values anyway. What do you want to be known for, honesty, innovation, women empowerment? Find that and live it until you can verbalise it in your own way.

3. Get the look right

Unfortunately, I find that people can be fickle. They judge by appearance first. This means that as you start to consider yourself a brand, you have to look the part. This process does not have to be expensive, neat and standard looks can work. So stick to the basics.

Ensure you are well groomed, so clean hands, nails, teeth and fresh breath. Ensure your clothes fit well, not too tight or not too loose. Lastly, do not be scared to have your appearance also show your personality and uniqueness. So add a bit of your personal touch to your looks, accessories can do this the best.

4. Update your online profile

These days most of us will have a digital footprint, like it or not. Some of us won’t be aware of what’s out there. So check this constantly. First up, google yourself regularly to see what people find when they search your name. This will help you audit your digital footprint where you can. If you have a common name that comes up often, add something different to yours so you are easy to find online. Audit Facebook, Instagram regularly to fit the brand, and update or create a LinkedIn. Most employers will search on these platforms when considering candidates.

The reality is if whether you focus on your brand or not, one is being created for you. Whether in the digital space or in person, people already see you in a specific way, you might as well take control of it.

I hope these short tips are helpful.

Career Mom

One thought on “Career Personal Branding

  1. Thanks for this post! I agree whether we want to manage our brand or not, one is being created for us. I only realized this when I was over 30. And now I am paying a little bit more attention to show I show up and how I ‘present myself’.

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