Being Excellent

It’s women’s month and everywhere you look events are being held for women, to inspire women, to give tips on how to succeed and how to be excellent. It’s a pity these don’t happen in the same abundance during other months.

There is a great challenge with these seminars though because as inspirational as they are, the tips might not fit into your current situation. But like any situations, there is always something to take away.

There is also a great need to keep track of the tips and tricks given out by the inspirational women who have been speaking, to be able to use when needed.

Some key takeaways that are absolute gold and common are:

1. Be yourself and own your story.
There is nothing more challenging than trying to be someone else. Understanding that your power comes from your uniqueness is the start of being excellent.

2. Work smart, and sometimes hard
It’s possible to find smart ways to solutions and advance your career or business, but there is always an element of hard work. If you dig deep and put in the work, you’ll see the results of your excellence.

3. Network and be kind
The world is so small, so connect to other women and network. This will help create your brand. Just remember to be kind to everyone, because people will talk negatively about you if you’re not. Even if you think the person next to you is not going to add value to your success, be kind anyway, you do not know what influence they have.

Greatness and excellence will come, just take it one step at a time.

With love,
Career mom

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