How being unique makes you successful at work.

A simple definition of being unique is being yourself at all times, where else the real definition is being the only one of your kind. “You are obligated to understand that you are unique in the world. There has never been anyone like you because, if there were, there would be no need for you to exist. You are an utterly new thing in creation. Your life goal is to realize the uniqueness” – Aaron Perlow.

There are different ways that uniqueness can lead to success at work.

1. Firstly, groom yourself.

Widen your skills range and try different things. Think out of the box and get your hands dirty, this is how you will find the opportunity to figure out what makes you happy and that can lead to your success at work.

2. Relationships.

Build up real and strong relationships with colleagues, management or clients/customers. Get out there and spend time learning from others who are good at what you do. Make your workplace feel like home. This leads to happiness then proactive and productivity that becomes a success.

3. Do one thing at a time.

While everyone is all hands on everything, social media, paperwork, etc. You need to prioritize and try to get one thing done first before the other. By doing this, makes you organise and provides the logic of control and achievement. Well if this fail, you learn from experience and this helps you build up confidence.

4. Lastly, sometimes just do nothing.

When feeling under pressure or your work is too much. Simple just turn off all source of communication, social media or gadgets and just sit quietly and listen to your inner voices (don’t ignore or judge them). Just listen to your thoughts and you will find the answers to the most difficult challenges.

“And always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else” – Margaret Mead.


Career mom

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